Guided Fishing

Arkansas White River Guided Fishing and Float Trips

Enhance your fishing experience! Our friendly, experienced, and licensed guides will take you to where the big ones are. They are familiar with the river and all the secrets for successful fishing. Our local trips fish the local Buffalo City area, covering Buffalo Shoals upriver to Nellie’s Bluff downriver and along our spectacular 600’ limestone bluffs and some great fishing holes.
As an adventurous option, we offer full day guided float trips from Cotter or Rim Shoals to Buffalo City.  You will drift through some great fishing holes and see some spectacular scenery. Whether you like to fish from a boat or get out and wade - using spinners, bait or flies - our guides will show you where, and if you need it, how to fish the river.
Our guided fishing trips include all transportation, necessary tackle, and most bait.  Prices do not include fishing license, lures, tax, food, or a customary gratuity for your guide. If you choose to keep fish, your guide will clean and bag them for you.
If desired, we can provide a deluxe boxed lunch with any guided trip for $12.50/person.  You can take your lunch with you to enjoy out on the river or have it waiting when you return.  Alternatively, we offer our traditional shore lunch for $25/person. The shore lunch is an old White River tradition where we fry up some of your mornings catch with hushpuppies, fries, coleslaw, drinks, and dessert.  A private feast for your group to enjoy!

White River Spin Fishing                        Local Area                                                         2 people  $225.00 (1/2 day)   $300.00  (full)     3 people  $275.00 (1/2 day)   $350.00  (full)  
 Rim Shoals to Buffalo City Float                      2 people  $350.00  (full day)                             3 people  $400.00  (full day)   
 Cotter to Buffalo City Float                              2 people  $375.00  (full day)                              3 people  $425.00  (full day)      
White River Fly Fishing                           Local Area                                                          2 people  $300.00 (1/2 day)   $375.00  (full)      3 people  $350.00 (1/2 day)   $425.00  (full) 
Buffalo River Fishing                                 Local Area                                                          2 people  $350.00  (full day)                              3 people  $400.00  (full day)
NOTE - Make reservations early for this popular activity!